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Outer Planets Pluto


The energy of Pluto invites transformation. It’s the process of death and rebirth, the Kundalini energy.

Pluto energy allows you to see what to let go of, it asks what you are holding onto or wish to control for emotional security, what don’t you want to look, what’s lurking beneath the surface?

The willingness to do the transformation required lets the light shine on the darkness. You recognize it’s not the thing, person or experience it is the attachment.

Pluto is an extremely powerful yet subtle energy, the revelation from the transformation is life changing.


Outer Planet Neptune


Outer Planet Neptune

Neptune’s is about synthesis, wholeness, merging, healing.

It functions beneath the surface, wants to dissolve barriers of separateness, to heal all the ways you feel separate from your spiritual nature. As long as you focus on differences or what you perceive as your own imperfections you will feel separate.

Neptune is the energy of unconditional love, the illusion is it depends on someone else. With true self love you will always feel connected.

This state of oneness is not outside of you, not an external search.

Neptune’s mantra is ~ I am Whole, I am Complete, I am One with everything


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