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Fall Equinox Astrology Special!

$50.00 off Natal Chart consultation.

Regular price is $180.00, you may treat yourself or gift a loved one for $130.00 investment.  Book your consultation between Sept. 22 and Oct. 6th. Contact me at or the link below. I look forward to championing you on this journey of Self-Discovery.


Special Offering!

 Here’s your opportunity to have a personal astrologist!

Most people contact me for their natal chart consultation, which is the foundational base of astrology that examines the overall theme of your life’s blueprint. The natal chart offers a continuous discovery of your life learning, strengths, and challenges.

However, over the last 25-years of being an astrologist, what I notice is that once my client’s become aware of these powerful energies in their chart, they schedule follow up sessions throughout the year to further explore their natal chart and transits. The more their awareness grows, the more their consciousness expands as they align with the highest vibration of their unique soul blueprint.

Given the value of being consistently aware of your astrological aspects, I have developed a new personal coaching package to support you in stepping into the greatest version of yourself.

I currently have 10 openings for this new package which includes:

One 90-minute natal chart consultation including your current astrological transits. Three 45-minute follow up sessions, once every 3 months

The cost for the total package is $330.00, which is a $120 savings compared to if you bought the sessions individually.

Even better, you can reserve one of the 10 spots by simply making one upfront payment of $150, and then paying the remaining 3 payments once per quarter for $60. This makes it easier on your cash flow.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to do this life-changing work. I love astrology!

Contact me at or email directly below  to reserve a spot. If you are not quite ready to jump in, I am willing to offer you a free 15-minute phone consultation to explore working together.

Natal Chart Consultation  (the standard birth-chart consultation)

  •  A Natal Chart Consultation is available for 1 1/2 hours for $180.00

Relationship Chart Consultation Packages (composite of two charts; helpful for couples and families)

  • Composite Chart Consultation for 1 hour is $120.00
  • Note: A natal chart consultation is a pre-requisite for  composite chart consultations.

Yearly Transits (current influences and trends)

  • Yearly transits are offered as a 1 hour consultation for $120.00.  
  • Note: A Natal Chart consultation is a pre-requisite for transit consultations


*Please also note: The date, time, place of birth is required for consults.

All sessions are done by phone and can be recorded if requested for your convenience.

Please note: Payment is required previous to your chart consultation. This is because as I prepare for the appointment offered, I spend many hours analyzing your chart, discovering themes, examining aspects, and understanding transits.  Once this work is completed, there are no refunds given, you are assessed the fee of the chart chosen (natal, composite, or transit).In the event you miss a scheduled appointment time, you also forfeit your fee. If you would like to reschedule the appointment a 24 hour notice is required.

Also, it is required that your astrological consultation be scheduled within 3 months of receiving payment since transits are examined.

Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

You may also contact me at: or 508.962.0009.

I look forward to being your champion and ally in the discovery of your souls blueprint!

Lynda Lee

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  1. John Moore #

    I did Package 2 with Lynda Lee and it was awesome. If you are on the fence about whether to do it or not I would whole heartedly say “DO IT!”

    September 8, 2013

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