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Outer Planets Pluto


The energy of Pluto invites transformation. It’s the process of death and rebirth, the Kundalini energy.

Pluto energy allows you to see what to let go of, it asks what you are holding onto or wish to control for emotional security, what don’t you want to look, what’s lurking beneath the surface?

The willingness to do the transformation required lets the light shine on the darkness. You recognize it’s not the thing, person or experience it is the attachment.

Pluto is an extremely powerful yet subtle energy, the revelation from the transformation is life changing.


Outer Planet Neptune


Outer Planet Neptune

Neptune’s is about synthesis, wholeness, merging, healing.

It functions beneath the surface, wants to dissolve barriers of separateness, to heal all the ways you feel separate from your spiritual nature. As long as you focus on differences or what you perceive as your own imperfections you will feel separate.

Neptune is the energy of unconditional love, the illusion is it depends on someone else. With true self love you will always feel connected.

This state of oneness is not outside of you, not an external search.

Neptune’s mantra is ~ I am Whole, I am Complete, I am One with everything


Outer Planet Uranus


Uranus is the Great Awakener, its mission is to break us out of patterns that keep us from being free. It’s the intuitive mind, receiving in all directions with a quality of revelation.

Uranus doesn’t fit the overall cultural patterns, it’s unconventional and deviates from the norm.

When Uranus’s energy is operating in your life to instill change, we don’t always realize we are actually initiating the sudden burst, it’s not outside of ourselves we are drawing the change to us always for our highest good.

Outer Planets ~Saturn


Saturn, ruler of the 10th house of career, authority, and sign of Capricorn is getting in touch with your duty your dharma for the work you came here to do; not just for our own personal evolution work but the dharma for the evolution of humanity.

It is understanding this responsibility, we are all part of the whole, things we do effect each other, our actions ripple out globally.

Wherever Saturn is in our charts, the energy brings karmic inferences to surface by our experiences or triggered by others. Saturn puts the pattern in form so we may get in alignment and work consciously with it.

Saturn in relationship to authority, at its highest vibration, is asking us to know the true authority is sourced from within.

Outer Planets Jupiter


I thought I would give a brief overview of the Outer Planets. I strongly focus on these planets in my astrological consultations since they are considered the Spiritual energies.

Let’s begin with Jupiter

Jupiter ~ The Inner Source of Light

Where ever it is functioning it’s to give us inner knowledge and enlightenment, to experience grace in the energy of the sign it is in. Jupiter’s quest is for us to know ourselves as this Higher Self, this all pervasive Consciousness, by connecting the earth experience with soul experience.

I often refer to Jupiter as the Guru energy, the spiritual master that takes us out of darkness into light. To shed light on dark places we have trouble with, this is the function of divine grace.

Jupiter wants to Leads you out of false identifications, it’s asking us to experience our spiritual self.

It represents our inner witness, our witnessing consciousness, our higher consciousness

Jupiter’s energy opens you up makes you excited and eager

It’s says I know truth comes from my own experiences, this truth is all contained within.

The Mutable Signs

thThis week we will look at brief descriptions of the Mutable Signs ~

The Mutable or learning/dispersing/destroyer sign are characterized as a trait of changeable behavior, adaptable, flexible, easily grasps new methods of learning and a wide vision.

Gemini as mutable air demonstrates changeability through a constant change of mind and ideas and is always on the move.

Virgo as mutable earth is practical and seeks to find work in the service field in order to express its various multi tasking skills.

Sagittarius as mutable fire is on a quest of adventures to continuously enrich and broaden its knowledge and experience of the essence self either through travel, philosophy, religion, or a spiritual path

Pisces as mutable water consistently endeavors to adapts itself through its own ever changing realm of feelings and through the changeable moods and feelings of others.

As you examine the mutable signs in your chart, what do you recognize about yourself and adaptability?

Comments welcomed below

Lynda Lee

The Triplicity of the Fire Signs


Fire Signs

The Fire Signs are ~ Aires, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire relates to identity, will, spirit.

Its the element of the Spiritual body

As I mention in my last blog I would like to take a closer look at the sign elements in the triplicities.

Each of the signs in their respective element always follows the pattern of:

Personal, Interpersonal and Universal or Collective Consciousness.

The Fire signs want to wake us up to who we are, our true identity

The Fire sign of Aires is the Personal; on the identity level  starts with self understanding and personal awareness. Aires asks the question “Who AM I” with the ultimate understanding who we are is the “I AM”

The Fire sign of Leo is the Interpersonal; Leo takes us into new realms of identity  learning about the personality and ego self and creative self expression. Leo has an ego and personality self, however, is not identified with it.

The Fire sign of Sagittarius is the Universal; on the identity level  learns to  perceive our life from a place of higher consciousness, our true essence and that we are all connected to the Collective Consciousness. Sagittarius experiences are for the awareness  we are  the all pervading witnessing consciousness.

As we grow in awareness, we continuously cycle through this evolution of identity learning.

Your comments are most welcome below.

Lynda Lee

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