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 Thanks for such inspiring sessions, Lynda! I experience you as so fun, fresh, exciting, soothing.  I have a new sense of power, excitement and inspiration to be my fullest self. YES!

Karen ~Toronto, Canada 

I am very grateful for your expertise and appreciate your affectionate, loving way of being. God bless you! 

Love, Maria of New Hampshire

My experience of Lynda is that she opens space for essence to shine.    She does this not only by showing how we are cosmic beings somehow resonating with balls of gas and metal spinning around the Sun (which is awesomely cool if you think about it), but also by finding unique flavors that we are here to express. We each have unique Essence qualities that we alone embody and have come to Earth to express; Lynda is amazing at helping us locate these unique gifts we bring to the world and appreciate them into bloom.  

Skip~Tokyo, Japan 

I appreciate you for using your astrological genius to support me in seeing the larger picture of all my explorations. The way you are able to take complex learnings and break them into simple and fun communication is mastery. 

BPM~Mill Valley, CA 1013025_465468376870295_1585452909_n

“Lynda blends her extensive knowledge and undeniable passion for astrology with her enormous capacity to love unconditionally. She goes way beyond reading your chart. She guides you to know yourself on a deeper level and appreciate the lessons you are here to learn in a way that is totally supportive and fascinating!” 

Amanda~Lincoln, MA 

I want to share that I learned so much about myself from my astrological session with Lynda. That she is such a beautiful, loving being enhances the experience. 

Mari~Boulder, CO

Wow! I gained such insight and support from Lynda’s sensitive, conscious & spiritual approach to astrology! My experience was far more than ‘having my chart done’!! As well, I love that Lynda is open to consultation following the initial astrological session(s).  I think what Lynda has to offer is amazing………….and a fab reflection of HER amazingness!!! Cheryle~ Canada

I would say that what is most unique about you, with your astrological teachings,  that I MOST appreciate (!) is your passion- PASSION with seeking knowledge and then sharing that knowledge, and, both from the heart of compassion. I would say that it is unique because of the level of devotion, from your heart to the hearts of others. Your deep desire, I think, to learn with your heart, and then to give that heart for others to learn from. 

Téa~Bedford, MA 1043990_10151785532609892_1165391072_n

I appreciate your love and gifts for understanding our lives that comes through your astrological genius and life coaching.  Your true desire to help others see how to become true, authentic, and live life that way. Your sensitivity, the way you experience love, care, and show it to others. 

Anna~Bedford, MA

Lynda’s wealth of knowledge was evident throughout. She always put a positive spin on things and helped one to see past any negativity that one might perceive in one’s chart. She helped to create an environment that got us to think outside the box & helped us explore all sorts of possibilities. She had a refined understanding and used sensitivity when discussing one’s natal chart. She was able to help us explore on a much deeper level than I expected. Her approach was beyond supportive. Her guidance and expertise were invaluable.

Louise-Manchester, CT

I have spent a lifetime on a path of discovery, always feeling a sense that somehow it all makes sense on some grand plan. When I met Lynda, I knew instantly she radiated with warmth and wisdom that would touch my life in immeasurable ways. I immediately knew her heart and passion for both her life coaching through astrology, and her group study, would be tools I would carry with me for the rest of my life. My first exposure to the wisdom of astrology was with a private session about my natal chart with Lynda. The awareness of how perfectly designed my life had been ,opened me up to a peace and understanding of everyone and everything that has showed up in my life.

The forgiveness and love I felt for myself and others from this incredible wisdom, really ignited a passion in me to seek more.

Taking a class with Lynda was so much more than obtaining more knowledge. It was a celebration with others as they too opened and explored how perfect the whole design of their life has been .Mostly, it was knowing she was holding us in such a safe place to learn and understand that we really are geniuses. She made the complicated study of astrology a clear path to discovery, and it forever changed my view of my past, my present and my future. Being part of a group and feeling the energy of everyone having their own awakening to the knowing that we are the “I am”, was really moving and exciting.

I can’t say enough about the study of astrology or my mentor and friend Lynda, except that I can’t wait for the next class!!!!!

Thank you Lynda for being an amazing teacher, amazing spirit ,and mostly for changing my life with you wisdom and presence.

 Love Neci-Salem, MA

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  1. Your passionate desire to help others through astrology has been shown to me over and
    over again when you have helped me by showing where my planets are located at that moment. It is always a connection to my divine plan in this life when you connect the planet dots. Your knowledge of astrology amazes me – you continously grow in understanding and whoever comes to you for astrological studies is in for a life changing event.
    Love your site – so simple – so heartfelt – so beautiful!!!
    blessings reiki hugs

    September 7, 2013

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