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Special Offering!

During this time of unrest, it is essential to be supported. Many of us have been searching for this.  With that said, I am offering a package to aid and guide others to their  innermost wellbeing.  I am a certified life coach and passionate about how the movement of the planets and our astrological signs influence our lives in profound ways.  I’ve conducted many courses and sessions about these life-changing topics.

The package consists of an astrological natal chart consultation as a base and two life coaching sessions per month. The investment fee is $100.00 monthly with a 6-month commitment. Sessions will be conducted via Zoom or phone.  I will be available for any support needed via email or text until we meet for our scheduled session.

It is my great passion and pleasure to facilitate people to follow their most gratifying life.

Please contact me at or 508-962-0009 and step into 

more peace, more serenity, more Soul-connection in your life. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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