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Your Astrological Natal Chart is Perfect for You!

Yes, its true,  your Astrological Natal Chart is Perfect for You!

Your astrological natal chart is constructed using you date, time and place of birth. The information is calculated and formulates your natal chart, indicating the ascendent, the placement of the signs, planets, nodes, etc,  in the different area’s of your life and how they are all interacting with each other.

It’s a map of  your souls curriculum, a blueprint of your souls discovery and journey, your soul designed it, so of course it is perfect for you!

Understanding this perspective, there really is no such thing or comparisons drawn as to whether our chart is good, bad, hard, or easy.

The natal chart represents the strengths, learnings and challenges in alignment with your souls quest for your magnificent Becoming, to know yourself as Divine.

“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.” ~  RUMI

Perfect chart blog post

I welcome your comments below.

Lynda Lee


Planets, Signs and Higher Learning


One of the most fascinating discoveries I made about astrology is that the Signs contain essential higher learnings of development and Planets have higher octaves of vibration.

From my perspective, this awareness is one of the most valuable benefits of astrology, as it fuels our choices from a space of conscious intention.

For an example of a planet, if we look at some generalized meanings of the planet Saturn, we find descriptions associated with authority, the father, responsibility, discipline, tradition, approval, recognition, achievement. If we examine closely the essence of these descriptions what is being asked of us, is to find our own inner voice of truth, to source our own authority and approval. From this place we are in alignment with the highest octave of learning that Saturn wishes to teach us. It shifts the emphasis away from anything outside of ourselves and offers the joy of wholly taking responsibility and authorship of our life. Feels liberating and empowering to me!

For a sign example, if we look at some generalized meanings of the sign Virgo, we find descriptions associated with the analytical process of the learning mind, perfection, analysis, process, everyday work and service of our duty our dharma,  healing, criticism, statistics, judgement, discrimination and sacrifice.  If we examine closely the essence of these descriptions what is being asked of us is; yes, there is a place for such qualities of analysis, exactness and perfection to use in our work that proves to be really valuable, however, not when in the end it equates to criticism, blame and judgement. The higher learning shift available to us comes from using our ability of perfectionism for compassion and understanding, thats when it becomes true service and healing. Also, being open to see the perfection of “what is” occurring in the moment rather than how our minds think it should be in order for it to be perfect. Often times with the Virgo energy we are also learning the difference between sacrifice and service; if we are sacrificing ourselves, thats not true service, nor is it healing. Doing our work from a place of love and honoring is what heals ourselves and others!

If you have an interest for a particular understanding of the higher octave vibration of planet or higher leaning of development of a sign, please use the comment section below.


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